Simple Salad Cookbook


Salads are a great quick, healthy go-to meal―but the same lettuce and dressing options can feel repetitive fast. Toss in some variety with the Simple Salad Cookbook’s creative and nourishing recipes. With a few ready-made staples and basic techniques, you can create delicious, fresh salad masterpieces in less than 10 minutes―perfect for your busy life.



This salad cookbook includes handy lists of pantry and equipment staples, along with a seasonal eating chart that makes it a snap to set up your kitchen for salad success. 100 recipes require minimal prep and use easy-to-find ingredients with a focus on healthy foods, including both animal and plant-based proteins. Whether you are serving salad as a side dish or the main event, this salad cookbook will bring nourishment―and major flavor―to your table.

Simple Salad Cookbook features:

  • Keep it simple (or not!)―Make salads fast with prepackaged fresh veggies and other store-bought ingredients―or do it yourself with mini bonus recipes that let you start from scratch.
  • 100 Fresh recipes―This salad cookbook lets you pick from a huge variety of leafy salads, veggie salads and slaws, grain and bean salads, pasta salads, tofu salads, and seafood and meat salads.
  • Flexible and customizable―Helpful labels highlight dietary preferences, and many recipes include easy substitutions for ingredients you might not have on hand.