My sister lied to our whole family with a fake pregnancy – so I exposed her’

A woman has sparked a debate online after exposing her own sister, who made up a fake pregnancy in a bid to stop her relationship from breaking down

A woman is being praised online after exposing her own sister for lying about being pregnant, in a bid to save a dying relationship.

The woman found out her sister’s deception after receiving an anonymous message, and decided to give her sister a chance to come clean on her own.

“My sister Katy and her boyfriend Mark have been on and off again for 15 years. They had a very bad fight and it seemed Mark broke up with her for good, but Katy revealed to him she was pregnant,” the woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“Mark and everybody were so thrilled. There was a baby shower planned and a Google doc shared with everyone on what they wanted.”

However, things took a sudden turn when the woman received an anonymous message on Facebook claiming that her sister wasn’t actually pregnant and was instead faking the entire thing.

“I didn’t believe it, but when I confronted her about it she confessed to me she wasn’t pregnant. I told her she had to tell everyone the truth, but she refused and insisted she would get pregnant soon,” the woman continued.

“I couldn’t keep my mouth shut after I heard all the money people were spending on this imaginary baby. My parents bought a very expensive crib/other furniture and the fancy baby shower was coming out of Mark’s parents’ wallets. People were buying items on their baby registry that were also very expensive.

The woman texted her sister one more time giving her the chance to come clean, but her sister refused, so she ended up sending an email around everyone in the family letting them know the truth.

“Katy and Mark broke up for good. And she isn’t talking to me,” the woman added, before turning to Reddit to question whether she was justified in exposing her sister’s lie.

One Redditor commented: “Trying to trap Mark was never going to work as a long term solution for your sister. It’s delusional of her to think that would fix all of her problems.

“You did them both a favour because at least she wasn’t able to drag an innocent baby into her bulls* drama (and he definitely dodged a f**** bullet).”

Another agreed: “Your sister was exploiting everyone involved, and only had her boyfriend stay with her because she was supposedly pregnant. I doubt their relationship would’ve lasted either way.”