My grandmother left her house to me alone – I don’t see why I should share it’

A man said that he leant his grandmother some money when she was running low and never asked for it back, then when she passed away he was surprised to learn he had inherited her house

A man was left in a quandary after inheriting his grandmother’s house – as she had left it solely to him but his relatives wanted a share.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that eight years earlier his grandmother needed to borrow some money and no one else offered to help.

Luckily the man, a student at the time, got a refund on some school fees so decided to give the money to his grandmother and the money was never repaid.

Then when she sadly passed away the man was surprised to inherit her home, which was in a prime area and worth a lot of money – and now his family are up in arms.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “In her will, she left me her four-bedroom, two bath house.

“I’m now the owner of a house in the heart of Atlanta. Prime real estate, if I do say so myself. I plan on moving in at the end of the month before doing some light cleaning and renovation. Enter my cousin and her kids.

“She is upset with me because I got the house. She said because I don’t have any kids I should give her the house because in her eyes I got the house for free.

“I thought she was crazy but a lot of our family is on her side. Stating that it’s hard out here for a single mother.

“They told me I can buy a house one day because I am an able-bodied young man. It will be harder for her because she has two kids.

“I’m like, ‘she chose to have those kids and that isn’t my problem’. Everyone is calling me selfish and hell maybe I am, but my grandmother wanted me to have the house.”

The man shared his story to garner advice from other Reddit users, and soon scores of people were commenting on the post.

One said: “Where was she when granny was about to be homeless?”

And another said: “It’s your house, I hate the narrative that people who don’t have kids should roll over to give people with kids anything and everything they want.”

While a third added: “Your gran left you the house. It’s yours. Your cousin has absolutely no right to it. Why should having kids make her more eligible for it than you? Don’t even bother to engage in any further conversations with anyone about this.”