Mum warns over leather trousers that sound ‘like she has a duck down her pants’

Gwenna Laithland discovered her faux leather trousers came with an unexpected bonus feature – and left people in hysterics after demonstrating it on video, which went viral

A woman’s embarrassing experience with her faux leather trousers has gone viral after she discovered they made it sound like she had a duck down her pants.

Gwenna Laithland, 37, was left in hysterics after she tried on her new trousers at home, only to discover they came with a very awkward design flaw.

The mum paraded around the room in stitches as she ‘quacked’ with every step, unable to keep her face straight as her family watched on.

Her husband Jackson, 39, filmed her ‘squeaking and farting at the same time’, before she doubles over and cries: “I sound like I have a duck in my cooter.”

The clip then shows the mum-of-three declare “there’s a reason it’s hard to find shiny pants for girls who can start a fire with their thighs.”

Gwenna found that the squeaking noise disappeared once she gave the trousers a wash, much to the disappointment of her eldest daughter who wanted to ‘experience the quack in person’.

The video of her fashion mishap racked up more than 11 million views on TikTok and brought in thousands of comments from entertained viewers.

Gwenna, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US, said: “When they arrived and I put them on, they didn’t squeak. It was only when I rounded the corner and left the bedroom that I heard the first quack.

“I called out to my husband, ‘Jackson! I’m quacking!’ It took ten minutes for Jackson to stop laughing enough to film me. I was just about recovering when another quack came out.

“The pants were both squeaking and farting at the same time. I could hear the squeak and feel air moving from around my bum, and that’s what made the quack sound. I wanted shiny pants but it didn’t go how I wanted it to go, I thought it was hilarious.

“Everybody was in fits of laughter. My three-year-old twins couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I take a step, there’d be a quack. We were probably laughing for about 30 minutes.

“My 14-year-old was at school at the time and she was mad that the pants no longer quacked by the time she got home. She wanted to experience the quack in person.”

Gwenna said that despite the amusing outcome of her new purchase, the fashion industry needs to do more for plus-size customers.

She said: “I think a lot of things need to be done with regards to the plus-size industry, adding more fabric is not really a solution.

“There is a way to make shiny pants approachable for people who are plus size. That was a joke I made in the video where I said ‘I could start a fire with my thighs’. Those pants were giving me a friction burn.

“There is a way to deliver the same aesthetics for different body types, but it takes the extra steps to make those pants.

“It’s the same at the other end of the scale with very petite people, and the fashion industry seems to have an attitude of ‘we’re going to make one thing, and if it doesn’t work, then f**k off.'”

Although the mum has silenced the squeak in these trousers, she says they haven’t put her off purchasing more.

Gwenna said: “I washed the pants and for whatever reason, that resolved the quack. So I can now wear shiny pants.

“I will be making future purchases. I will be taking the next step and going on the hunt for what I’m going to term ‘ultra-shiny pants’.

“I don’t know if they’ll quack, but I want to be able to blind people with my thunder thighs.”

On TikTok, commenters were left in hysterics at the video.

One said: “‘There’s a reason it’s hard to find shiny pants for girls who can start a fire with their thighs!’ WHERE IS THE MERCH?!?”

Another commenter said: “Nothing could have prepared me for the sound these pants made.”

One commenter found Gwenna’s video particularly relatable as she wrote: “I have said shiny pants. I, too, don’t wear them for the same reason!!”.

Another wrote: “Note to self…don’t buy the shiny pants. Even if they look cute in the store.”