Little girl’s sweet note to mum goes terribly wrong due to rude spelling mistake

A five-year-old girl left her mum in hysterics after leaving her an adorably innocent note, which turned into something rather rude, thanks to an accidental spelling error

Kids are an endless source of entertainment, but more often than not, their comedy genius comes when they had absolutely no intention of being funny.

One little girl did exactly that, when she left her mum in stitches after writing an innocent note to her mum, which happened to feature a very awkward spelling mistake.

Taking to a Facebook group, the amused mum shared a photo of the handwritten note, in which the five-year-old attempted to ask her parent how old she was when she first learned to ride a bike.

But, as we all know, spelling can be a little tricky at that age, and the youngster made a rather drastic spelling error, which changed the meaning of the sentence entirely.

“Not everyday your 5 year old hands you a note like this,” the mum wrote, alongside a photo of the note, in the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group.

In the note, the little girl had written: “How old was you when you cud ride a dicke?” Honestly, that is one to save in the archives for when she’s older.

One Facebook user commented: “I’m screaming. I literally couldn’t work out what she meant, and then I realised she meant bike.”

“Love it! I’m a teacher and have seen many many notes like this,” another added. “Makes me smile every time.”

A third added: “So funny! The pain of getting the b and d the right way round.”

Although the youngster’s spelling could do with a little help, it’s worth noting she has incredible handwriting – and her comedy is absolutely on point.