Grab Disney+ for $1.99 as part of Disney Plus Day promotion

Free would certainly be better for those interested in testing the waters, but it’s hard to complain about $2 for a full month of content, either. With any luck, perhaps some of the other major streaming players will get bit by the generosity bug and drop the cost of their subs for newcomers on a temporary basis. It’d be in their best interest in the long run, as at least a fraction of “trial” members would likely convert to full paying members and stick around for months or even years to come.

Disney as part of a “show of strength” last year eliminated the concept of free trials for its streaming services, instead forcing interested parties to at least spring for a one-month subscription at the standard rate if they wanted to check out what a particular service had to offer and determine if it was a good fit.

Others followed, and that stance largely remains unchanged, but as the company approaches the two-year anniversary of Disney+ on November 12, they’re feeling a bit more generous.

From now through November 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, new and returning Disney+ subscribers can score a one-month membership for just $1.99. After the one month promotion, the rate will auto-renew at the standard $7.99 price point unless you cancel before then.

Disney+ at last check had 116 million subscribers, a figure that is expected to be higher when the company shares its latest earnings report on Wednesday.