Disney’s Cars fans mortified after noticing rude reference they missed as children

Cars fans are only just noticing the cheeky meaning behind the fan girl scene in the Disney classic that sees them flash their lights at Lightening McQueen – did you notice this?

It’s been almost two decades ago since Disney’s Cars was released, and fans are still pointing out jokes, details and blunders that they never saw when they first watched the film.

Now, people have come to the realisation that they missed what could have been a rude joke that went over their head as a child.

For those who aren’t familiar with the 2006 animated Pixar film, it follows race car Lightening McQueen, as he finds himself in the rundown town of Radiator Springs. When he damages a lot of the property, he is forced to fix the mess he made before he can get back on the road.

After finally making it to the track to compete for the Piston Cup, McQueen is approached by two fangirls Mia and Tia, who were thrilled to meet him.

After introducing themselves, the pair flash their lights at it, which now, after rewatching the film as a grown up, fans are realising is the equivalent to women lifting their tops and flashing themselves.

After causing a scene, the cars are moved away by security, and are heard crying cried out: “We love you Lightning!”

Fans were blown away by the ‘true’ meaning of the scene and were quick to comment on it after it was shared on YouTube.

In the comments, one person said: “Now I know why my dad laughed so hard at this scene when I was a kid.”

A second user wrote: “I finally realised what they were doing after all these years.”

While a third added: “McQueen’s reaction just totally gave it away!!!! LMAO.”

And a fourth shared: “I don’t know if that was suppose a pun or a childhood killed moment.”

Cars was a big hit when it was first released in 2006, and continued to do well after its sequel Cars 2 debuted in 2011, and Cars 3 in 2017.

There were also a number of spin-off movies like Planes: Fire and Rescue.